watsonx Day

Put AI to work with watsonx

21 June 2023

IBM TechXchange Virtual Event

Join us live from three different time zones

Watsonx day is designed to be live at a convenient time from each of the different regions: EST, EMEA and APAC. Register to access the sessions available for replay if you cannot attend live.

11:00–17:0011 AM–5 PM

Eastern Time, U.S. (UTC -5)

15:00–17:003 PM–5 PM

Western European Time (UTC +1)

09:00–11:009 AM–11:25 AM

APAC Time (UTC +9)

*Sessions from Japan will be live on 22 June 2023 at 9am JST. Please note, all sessions will appear in your local time zone.*

watsonx Day Tracks

Technology Overviews for AI Builders

Top IBM experts share insights and expertise to scale and accelerate the impact of AI with trusted data. Talks are designed to provide an in-depth exploration of watsonx, covering feature and capabilities, enabling you to maximize your business value from AI.

Real World Examples in the Demo Lab

Foster collaboration and knowledge sharing by exploring the practical applications of watsonx in functional scenarios. You will have the opportunity to engage in interactive discussions and learn from fellow IBM users who have successfully implemented watsonx.

Partnerships Driving AI Innovation

Trusted IBM ecosystem partners will leverage and complement the watsonx platform to drive innovation & AI adoption. Partners will implement and extend watsonx for different use cases and industries, showcasing how it can transform businesses and create value.

Featured Speakers


Kareem Yusuf Ph.D

Senior Vice President, Product Management and Growth, IBM Software

Julien Simon

Chief EvangelistHugging Face

Sherard Griffin

Senior Director of EngineeringOpenShift AIRed Hat

Track Leads

Sriram Raghavan

Vice President, IBM Research AI

Kyle Brown

IBM Fellow, Vice President, CTO to the CIO at IBM

Laura Chiticariu

IBM Distinguished Engineer, Chief Architect, Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Technical Sessions

Adam Makarucha

Client Engineering LeaderIBM

Adriana Meza Soria

Software Engineer

Adriana Valido

Architect, Cognitive Tooling, Transformation and Operations

Amol Dhondse

Senior Technical Staff Member, Chief Architect, Master InventorIBM

Armand Ruiz

Director Technical SpecialtiesIBM Client EngineeringGlobal Sales

Alex Corvin

Software Engineering ManagerRed Hat

Brad Topol

IBM Distinguished Engineer, Director of Open Technologies & Chief Developer Advocate

Carlos Costa

Principal Research ScientistIBM

Bill Higgins

Distinguished Engineer, Open Innovation Community, Watson Core Research

Chie Takeda

Principal Data and AI Technical Specialist Manager, IBM Japan

David Tan


Devraj Bardhan

CTO SAP Managed ServicesIBM

Eduardo Kaufmann-Malaga

Product Owner, Cognitive Tooling, Transformation and Operations

Eduardo Monich Fronza

Partner Solutions ArchitectAWS

Edward Calvesbert

Director, Product Management, IBM Data and AI

Gargi Dasgupta

Chief AI Officer, IBM Automation

George Kreitler

Sales Manager, Embeddable AI, ISVsIBM

Frank La Vigne

Data Cloud Services Global GTM LeaderRed Hat

Heather Gentile

Executive Director watsonx.governance, Data and AI

Joshua Kim

Distinguished Engineer and CTO Unified Search

Kate Soule

Senior Manager, Exploratory AI Business Strategy
IBM Research

Kommy Weldemariam

Distinguished EngineerIBM Research

Maryam Ashoori

Head of Product, watsonx.aiIBM

Keri Olson

Vice PresidentIBM Automation

Mike McCawley

Applied AI, Cognitive Tooling, Transformation and Operations

Monica Agrawal

Vice President, ISV Build Ecosystem, Technology & Software OEM Partnerships

Nixon Cheaz

Engineering Lead at Experience Engine

Preethi Venkatesh

AI Customer Engineering Manager, Intel Software & Advanced Technology Group

Raghu Ganti

Principal Research ScientistIBM Research

Sahdev Zala

Senior Technical Staff MemberIBM

Dr. Seetharami Seelam

Principal Research Scientist, IBM Research

Shankar Ratneshwaran

Lead AI Architect, Intel Datacenter & AI Group

Shereen Bellamy

Developer Advocate, Technology EducationIBM

Dr. Steve Atkin

Distinguished Engineer and CTO Unified Search

Sumiko Okaguchi

Advisory I/T ArchitectIBM Japan

Tarun Chopra

Vice President, Product Management, Data and AI

Tomonari Kunimori

Data and AIIBM Japan

Véronique Demers

Software Engineer, FrontendIBM

頼  伊汝/ Yiru Lai

Data Scientist Data and AI, Technology, IBM Japan


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Intel creates world-changing technology that improves the life of every person on the planet. As AI use cases and workloads continue to grow and diversify across vision, speech, generative AI, and more, Intel offers an unparalleled development and deployment ecosystem combined with a heterogeneous portfolio of AI-optimized hardware. Intel's goal is to make it as seamless as possible to accelerate your developer journey from the edge to the cloud. Intel’s AI software portfolio includes order of magnitude optimizations for popular frameworks and tools for every stage of the AI workflow.

Hugging Face is the largest open platform for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), called the "Hub". Initiated in 2019, it has been called the "Github of machine learning" thanks to the power of open science and open source.Offering widely adopted open-source libraries, more than 200,000 models, 30,000 ready-to-use datasets, Hugging Face has become a significant open-source player in just a few years and has over 300,000 daily active users and 15,000 companies building, training and deploying models and datasets.Hugging Face provides many open-source resources and products that can assist in every stage of the Machine Learning lifecycle (data collection & preparation, modeling, deployment & monitoring). These products, built on top of the Hub, aim to make state-of-the-art Machine Learning always more accessible.

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